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COVID-19 Return-to-Play Protocol - 5/20/20
AYSA has created Return-to-Play Protocols that each Club must adhere. Below is CISC’s Return-to-Play plan:


A reminder – these protocols are not intended to remove all risk. They are intended to be reasonable preventative measures. If you or your athlete do not feel comfortable participating that truly is okay. Coaches will not hold this against the athlete in any way. If you are concerned about this, please speak with your Coach or the Director of Coaching.

Coaches and Volunteers – If you feel uncomfortable performing your duties, please contact the Director of Coaching, the Director of Recreation or the Interim Executive Director as is appropriate, to help navigate reasonable accommodations. When these protocols change, they will be communicated in the following ways:

Emails to the Coaches and Managers
Emails to the entire Club
Posting on the CISC website

Adults, youth, and their families will not attend sanctioned program activities if either they or a household member has/had either A) onset of illness with symptoms compatible with suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 in the prior 14 days or are within 72 hours of exhibiting significant symptoms or a fever, B) are recovering from a case of COVID-19, are less than 14 days from onset or less than 72 hours since the end of significant symptoms or fever.

CISC will abide by State and Local mandates


Training sessions will occur outside as much as is reasonably possible. Coaches will ensure 6-foot social distancing. Coaches will ask each athlete prior to the activity if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. If they are they should be sent home.

Before training – players will put on gear, warm-up etc. with 6 foot spacing
During training – Coaches will design sessions that maintain 6 foot spacing
After training – cool down and removing gear, maintain 6 foot spacing
Parents/ volunteers/ coaches – will maintain 6 foot spacing while watching etc. This includes walking to and leaving the field.


CISC endeavors to provide - hand sanitizer, facial wipes and disinfectant wipes to perform the below actions. However, it is unlikely that CISC will be able to acquire the quantities needed to adhere to the mandate do to critical shortages.

CISC teams have two options:

1) Waiting until supplies increase and CISC can provide the supplies
2) Teams can provide their own supplies

CISC will reimburse reasonable purchases of the above items.
Coaches/Managers will ensure that all equipment is wiped down (cones, goals, corner flags etc.) once before, once at the mid-point, and once after training with disinfectant.
Coaches/ Managers will ensure there are two (2) “sanitation stations” designated at each training. Each station will have hand sanitizer and facial tissues.
Coaches/ players/ volunteers will provide their own mask if they choose to wear one.
The club will ensure that hand sanitizing stations will be at all porta potties at Anchorage Gardens.


Coaches and Managers will have training on basic state and local regulations, CDC recommendations.
CISC guidelines/ protocols will be published in the following ways:

Posted on the CISC website
Emailed to the Club
Reviewed at a Managers meeting
Reviewed at a Coaches meeting
Reviewed at a CISC office staff meeting

Have an action plan in place in case of a positive test. Ensure to notify AYSA if players developed COVID-19 and may have been infectious to others while at a club/ league activity immediately; maintain confidentiality of the COVID-19 infected person.
Players should quarantine in training location/ community for 14 days prior to beginning group training.

Staff/ volunteers who are symptomatic or ill, may not attend sanctioned program activity and will return-to club/ league plan following State & Local guidelines.

Protocols for Players, Parents, Guardians

Players should set apart bag from others.
Players should never share water bottles or snacks.
Player should not do group celebrations, NO high 5’s, hugs, handshakes.
Players should use hand sanitizer before, during and after training; face mask if desired.
Players should ALWAYS practice social distancing.
Players should wear mask before and immediately after all training or activity.
Do not assist with equipment set up or breakdown, Coaches will do this.
Limit carpooling to only members of the same family
Gear and equipment should be washed and sanitized before each training or activity.
Have signed/submitted the Health Status Agreement
Parent/ Guardian will notify CISC immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason.
If you are sick or feel sick, or an at-risk individual please STAY HOME.

CISC Office


Director of Recreation
Daniel Vernon

Director of Coaching
Timothy Valesko

Interim Exec. Director
Justin Atteberry

Staff Coach
Cat Price